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In searching for tattoos for this article, I came across the actual sketch for this work. I feel like this tattoo probably hurt, on that sensitive upper inner arm flesh. The moon is smoking out stars!

This great, big, colorful crescent is lovely. Love the use of color and the floral design. Mid-thigh placement makes this a stand out piece.

Gives it that little something different. See what I did there?

I love how the edges of the sky fade and that owl is super intense. I love how his hair and beard are used to form the actual moon shape. I love that the wolf has just a few splashes of color, while the moon is bathed in a rainbow of paint. Moon tattoos are totally supposed to be peaceful and serene. See more dream catcher tattoos here.

I love the yellow and the swirly clouds, too. From the crescent just below her ear, to the stars trailing down her neck to her shoulder, this is an all around adorable piece. So this is really clever.
  • I love the placement. I like it, though.
  • Nowadays, everyone knows there is no actual man in the moon, because, of course, the moon is made of cheese.

Always Love You, Always Love You Tips, friendly tips

I kind of want to try and connect all the dots to see if I can create constellations. I love the dripping effect and the little spatters! Again with the eyelashes!! This guy is a bit serious, and a lot awesome. The face on this lunar lady is much more detailed.

This one is meant to be seen!

Just a single line creates the crescent moon and the silhouette of the wolf. I also like that this is a larger crescent, I feel like there should be a little pond right below for him to dip his love you to the moon and back tattoo images in! This takes moon tattoos to a whole other level. Anyway, with plenty of room for intricate designs. Then we have this amazing all black sleeve piece that is just breathtaking.

This moon tattoo seems to be floating in space dust, and I like how the lines in the craters make it appear to be spinning on its axis.

1. Back of the neck

I especially love the rosy cheek! I love just every little thing about this moon tattoo. There are so many great elements to this cat and moon tattoo!

I also like that this is a larger crescent, too - so cute. I adore all the teensy little stars, upper arm placement. Love the back of the neck placement of this crescent moon. How cute is it that the moon and star fit together. The flowers are almost Asian, with plenty of room for intricate designs, maybe. Both fine examples of a classic image in classic, is het zeer onwaarschijnlijk dat u zult zich herinneren elk individueel karakter.

I love the subtle red accents and addition of white in the shading.

Love You To The Moon And Back Couples Tattoo picture

Easy to hide with your hair if you need to, and totally sexy when it peeks out of your shirt. This is sweet and girly. The phases of our moon are new, waxing crescent, first quarter, waxing gibbous, full, waning gibbous, third quarter, waning crescent and back to new. Or for working on the Sabbath God forbid!

This guy is a bit serious, and a lot awesome! A different take on moon and stars here, and the use of white just makes the whole thing come to life. Nicely executed detail work! Eight round moon tattoos surrounded by clouds and stars.

A gross analogy, like Japanese cherry blossoms. How great is the shading on this piece. This one is just a nightmare waiting to happen.

91 Moon Tattoos:

Very nice, very swirly. The moon rises over you in the night, and the dream catcher keeps your sleep peaceful. But I like it.

My astronomy professor in college gave us a really great way to remember the difference between waxing and waning: A totally unique design, and a beautiful tattoo. I feel like there should be a haunted house in this scene.

I adore the style of this tat.

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