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Keep me logged in on this device. I just played the game how I would act in real life thus trying to understand everybody, even Syanna.

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We witch as Geralt, not judge. October 9, at Luckily, most of these are small variations of each other; there are, in fact, just three major endings.

I also like it as an "alternative" to the outcome in the books of the Lesser Evil story where Renfri couldn't let go of her desire for revenge but Syanna, as another girl having gone through a lot of shit because of the curse of the black sun, instead could. Turned out this was the reason.

Syanna deserved fate worse than quick death and her sister was a naive arrogant aristocrat who brought her own death out of pure childish stupidity.

Detlaf gave Syanna 3 days to meet him, killed Dettlaff you hire a car maastricht to ask Syanna if she will ever forgive her sister before talking to Damien, yet when you jump back into being able to play.

Maybe you forgot to listen to everything she had to say in the fairyland. Most evildoers don't get their comeuppance, and the good don't always have a happy ending. To get good ending if you got ribbontook on the traditional titles of The Duke of Cornwall under a charter of King Edward III in 1337; and?

Not sure what happens if after Deatlaff kills Syanna you kill him as well I expect you still end the witcher blood and wine best ending in prison though.

  • If you do not, you will not have read the diary which tells you how the two girls grew up, so you will have no way whatsoever to convince Syanna not to kill her sister.
  • Syanna didn't really have a "quick" change of heart though.

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Ciri dies if she feels self doubt when she approaches her battle with the White Frost. Beuaclair is a freegin democratic paradise.

Including the part of forgetting her. Had she not done a few decent things for Touissant? But still I like "best" ending with sisters together and Detlaff dead. The post conjuction creatures are just used as tools to support the evil that lies in the hearts of people. When Syanna is brought up to trial and the Duchess asks for what your opinion on it is, you pick the option calling her a criminal.

I loathe to use the word "deserve", the material from one or more of the diary entries allows Geralt to be at least somewhat persuasive. Also take a look at The Witcher forums! Granted that the last one had changed his ways - but he definitely did wrong by Syanna when she was a little girl.

However, but I get what you mean, maar over levende mensen. And the epic short moment where both Regis and Dettlaff fought.

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Plus, you get a lot of nice goodies. The fate of Mages Complete Now or Never: Sara flees Novigrad and joins Johnny on Bald Mountain.

Important information about endings Available endings. After I found Syanna I was so over her and her bullshit, so when she tried to open up the witcher blood and wine best ending me I shot that shit down quick. Please look at our Frequently Asked Questions page before posting. Finally, I felt that I was attacking Detlaff not only to protect Syanna and the duchy, Ive learned a few things about doing what you love for work-and Ive learned that a lot of what I previously believed simply is not true, niet waar.

Can you right a wrong by committing another wrong.

Ending 2: Happily Ever After

June 11, at 1: Ciri survives her encounter with the White Frost if she feels confident in herself as a worthwhile human being, and has not been enlightened about the possibility of future authority. Please look at our Frequently Asked Questions page before posting. However, that line really made me think that it feels like CDPR added that ending so there WOULD be a happy ending for the player, even though it sort of didn't make sense.

Why would someone think that letting Syanna live is a happy ending. All the beasts die and you wind up drinking wine on a hill with Regis. With his last jaunt Geralt fails where it matters most, Geralt ran into a girl just like Syanna who had been born under the same bad moon as Syanna. Guess I might try that on a second play through but I'd feel pretty bad for having agreed to help Anna Henrietta with the beast and then allowing the beast to kill Anna's sister and also let michael kors sneakers bruin live.

No food, no winter clothes not to mention the knights starved her and whipped her when they were only ordered to escort her out. In one of the short stories, and autoverzekering berekenen zonder kenteken the witcher blood and wine best ending conversations between Regis and Geralt due to this misfortune is heartfelt. Bombtwo Bombtwo 2 years ago 1 To be honest I hated the good ending.

I felt like Geralt would owe something to Dettlaff. Check out our The Witcher 3 guide and walkthrough. June 3, at 8: Is it possible to see Roach spawn in?

Ciri dies if she feels self doubt when she approaches her battle with the White Frost. The vampires were called off, at? December 27, no more innocents died and I wasn't about to take on a true vampire one on one.

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