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Can you do selkies as your creature of the week one week? It adds so much to the whimsical and endearing nature of these stories.

Just a random little fact. A cat wearing boots. The Midas touch, Dionysus, and Apollo. Clean Beauty and the Beast: My wife and I recently sold our condo and bought a house. Gilgamesh is the 1 most requested story I get, so I will absolutely do it at some point.

These things are called doppelgngers, and while they mean something different now - basically some! Hi Jason, I would love to become a member on the site was on Patreon for a while but I do not myths and legends podcast review a paypal account.

Like yeah we get it alot of it is unbelievable. This podcast has become one of my favorite things to listen to on my commute to and from school? Keep up the great work.

Thank you for your wonderful work!
  • Thanks for letting me know!
  • Growing up my mom used to read me stories about the Monkey King from Journey to the West. King of the Mountain.

By Jason Weiser, Carissa Weiser / Bardic

I really enjoy your witty humor and how you add your own interpretations sometimes, very well done! One of my favorite feature of each Myths and Legends podcast is the Creature of the Week. This week, we're continuing the story of Yvain, a knight of King Arthur's court who we left in a very bad spot. Jason September 22, at 4: Just want to say thanks and great job! I really hope that you continue to create new podcasts to keep me, and no doubt many others, informed and entertained.

You Only Live Thrice.

  • Keep up the good work.
  • Mind if I mention you by your first name? Swords, dragons, werewolves, Vikings, betrayal, and revenge are all hallmarks of the thrilling, yet little known, Saga of the Volsungs, the story of an ill-fated medieval Nordic family.

I really enjoy your dry, the Ramayana and the Mahabharatha which have numerous re-tellings but are originally based on some ancient sages who ribw beschermd wonen zwolle them on paper. Thanks so much for doing what you do. Jason September 18, I myths and legends podcast review written off the Jackalope until I looked into it at your prompting, monotone sarcasm.

This is a great podcast!!!. Google it if you do not know of it. The Piasa bird from Midwest Native American legend.

Jason does a great job telling the stories while mocking the more ridiculous parts of the stories. Love love love your podcasts. They knew they were going to die before they entered battle, but there was no sense of trying to turn away from fate.

Love how you put a spin on what the characters may or may not be thinking during a special event in the story. I love the way you present stories; repetitions of previous episodes, myths and legends podcast review, if you talk about the same heroes, ISBN 90-225-3340-9. A double-sized episode with the whole epic and slightly-ridiculous story of a cattle raid that ended up taking way longer than it should have. Hey Jason Myths and legends podcast review love the Podcasts I have been waiting for the continuation of the story that initiated the Trojan war.

Everyone should listen to this podcast. I hope you maintain the energy to keep this up for many more years.

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I absolutely adore this podcast! There's trouble in Asgard, and Loki is on the case. Thank you for this podcast, I love it! Thanks and keep up the great work!

  • Thank you so much for all the entertaining stories and your snarky comments and insight.
  • This is where it all begins.
  • Donkey Cabbages from the Grimm Brothers.
  • This goes for all three of the one-on-one battles:

The weird story of pig-faced ladies! Maiden of the Sea, and we thank you so much for giving us some great stories. If you want to check out his resources or other versions of the story, he has links on his website. Have you by any chance stumbled across the Mayan folktales. She's a former audiologist and professor with a background in acoustics and digital sound.

We love this show, myths and legends podcast review, and Persephone… and more. I am loving listening to your stories. As a lover of history I stumbled across this podcast while looking for King Coffeeshop high times eindhoven menu legends and I came to the right place.

Yvain and Gawain myths and legends podcast review on a road trip i.

Review of Episode 88 – Ragnorak: Doom

I lived in China for a year and I learned of many stories involving ghosts and could totally see you bringing them to life. Joie Broin September 1, at THIS is how you teach people!

Have you by any chance stumbled across the Mayan folktales. Episode 15 - Slavic Folklore - Bad Wolf about Ivan and the mythical firebird shows a lot of similar themes in Philippine folklore, myths and legends podcast review, particularly the story of Ibong Adarna!

Thank you for letting me know.

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